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STRONG Orchard

STRONG Orchard is situated within Yoga Movement Orchard Flagship. It ups the ante with stunning, spacious interiors featuring 7-metre-high ceilings, finishings of warm wood and splashes of terrazzo… all across a massive 6,000 square foot space. A long hallway adorned with a luscious tropical print takes you to our spacious change room facilities, which include huge bathrooms you can run laps in, and a total of 11 luxurious showers. To top it all off, we’ve got our foot in the local coffee scene with a coffee bar servin’ up coffee by Common Man Coffee Roasters, juices and light bites — best enjoyed on our breezy patio overlooking the bustle of Orchard Road.


Change Rooms
Hair Dryers
Water Taps
Coffee Bar

Meet the Team

Alicia P

Ashley T

Becky L

Chantal W

Claudia T

Crysta H

Crystal C

Daniel R

Elise T

Emilya A

Ethel T

Geoffrey Y

Justin L

Kamesh W

Kirby T

Melissa T

Nicole M

Ryan C

Samson L

Shiqeen A

Tiffany C

Weeza R

Xin Ping L


There’s more to strong than muscles.

There’s strong minds, bodies, friendships, and beats.

There’s the kind of strong that starts on the inside and shines through to the outside.
That gets up before the second alarm and gets down to get more. More out of your workout, more out of your week, more out of your life.


STRONG: a fitness experience with more. 45 minutes of pilates-inspired resistance training with a side of rowing. A different class each day, all day.
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[email protected]
6588 344 916
6 Handy Road #02-01, Singapore, Singapore, 229234


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