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Monday 7 August – Sunday 14 August, 2023

Community is one of STRONG’s key pillars ensuring people have access to a supportive, thriving group of like-minded individuals. During STRONG Week we want to take the time to thank and celebrate our STRONG Humans and wider community for being part of our network.

What is STRONG Week?

STRONG Week is a 7-day celebration of our members and extended community. Each day we will be running competitions to win major daily prizes, as well as introducing a new class structure for 7 days only.

What can you expect from the Movement Team?

A more controlled start to the week then building intensity from Days 1 – 7. Never seen before classes, a team workout on Saturday in groups of 3 or 4 PLUS each day with a different focus, varying from stability, endurance, strength, or a combination!

Monday (Stability):

This is Pilates Only on a whole new level. Our STRONG Week Stability class will work you from head to toe in classic Pilates style. This session is designed to get you primed for the week ahead.

Tuesday (Strength):

Not our usual Strength session. You’ll work the 3 main areas of the body – Upper, Lower, and Core in one session. This format will include AMRAP’s & EMOM’s, with Erg blocks sprinkled in to keep the heart rates high. The aim of the game: lift heavy and feel STRONG.

Wednesday (Endurance):

This session is all about endurance and lasting the distance. Consisting of a long Erg effort, slow pilates flow and Rowflo to finish. This session is designed to deload the body, work the aerobic energy system and teach you all about pacing in order to reach the finish line.

Thursday (Burnout):

We call this class BURNOUT and it’s the perfect combo of Pilates and Strength. Once again, you’ll be working from head to toe, supersetting classic strength movements with classic Pilates movements for the ultimate burn.

Friday (Cardio):

Today you’ll experience sweat on a whole new level. We’ve gone all out for today’s cardio session with 6 blocks of high intensity, heart rate spiking, sweaty fun. You’ll be moving from the Erg side to the strength side and back again, challenging your body across AMRAP’s, EMOM’s and rep ladders to test your work capacity; Let’s get sweaty!

Saturday (Community, Team Workout):

Today is all about community and getting together into teams. In a team of 3 or 4, you’ll work together to hit an overall target on the erg side, while also completing strength and Pilates-based movements in a circuit. Don’t have a team to work with? Don’t worry, your STRONG Instructor will put you into a group and guide you through the workout. Go team!

Sunday (The Finisher):

We’ve picked the best parts of STRONG Week and put them together to create one session to finish off the week with a bang! This class is a Hybrid session, with a little bit of everything, so get ready for an all-rounder session to finish off what has been a great week of training.

What can you win?

By entering STRONG Week you could be in the running to win a prize pool worth SGD $57,500 including:

+ 1 Month Strong Membership
+ The Ultimate Bali Wellness Escape For 2
+ SGD $1,300 Cash
+ Apple Watch Series 8
+ Dyson Airwrap
+ The Upside SGD $130 Voucher
+ Macromike Protein Bundle (Valued at SGD $200)
+ More

Please read the STRONG Week Terms and Conditions.

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