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Down for More Pte. LTD

  1. Application of These Terms and Conditions

These “Terms and Conditions”, as operated by Down For More PTE LTD (“STRONG” Singapore), shall govern your relationship with STRONG, including but not limited to, the use of the STRONG Website  (, the “Website”) and the STRONG Hapana Mobile Application (the “App”) to manage your account, bookings, communication, purchases and registration with STRONG, as well as the use of and attendance at STRONG Studios.

By your attendance at STRONG and usage of the Website, App, and facilities, you signify your acceptance of the Terms. If you do not agree to this, please refrain from using the Website or App, purchasing a STRONG class, booking a STRONG class, and/or using or attending a STRONG class.

STRONG has the rights to amend this information without notice. The Terms may be revised at any time by updating this posting. By using the Website or App, buying STRONG Class Packs, booking classes, buying merchandise, your communication with STRONG, and your use of and attendance at STRONG’s studios, you agree to be bound by any such revisions. STRONG clients are encouraged to check this document periodically to stay informed of current guidelines.

You acknowledge that we may collect, use and disclose personal information about you in accordance with our privacy policy:

We will not be deemed to have waived any right under these Membership Terms unless the waiver is in writing and signed by us. A failure to exercise or delay in exercising any right by us under these Membership Terms will not operate a waiver of that right. Any such waiver will not constitute a waiver of any subsequent or continuing right or of any other provision in these Membership Terms.

You agree to sign our form before commencing your first STRONG Pilates class.

  1. Class Bookings & Attendance

You will need to sign up either on the STRONG Website or STRONG App and make relevant payment before a booking can be made to attend a class. Bookings can also be made through our App, at our Front Desk in person, or by contacting the studio.

We highly recommend that you plan to be at the studio twenty (20) minutes before the start of your class, to allow for any travel challenges, and simply to give yourself the time to check-in and be “STRONG ready”.

You agree to comply with the studio rules for STRONG Classes, as amended from time to time. All clients must have grip socks (no exceptions), a sweat towel and a water bottle. We have the right to refuse you entrance into class if you are not properly attired. Please also be respectful of others whilst in the studio and coming/going from the studio.

If you are recovering from injury or illness, you must notify the instructor prior to class start time.


By participating in STRONG Week, you agree to the following terms and conditions:


  1. To be eligible for the prizes, you consent to the sharing of your member details with third-party vendors associated with this promotion.
  2. The member details shared may include, but are not limited to, name and contact information.
  3. The purpose of sharing member details with third-party vendors is solely for prize fulfillment and related communication.
  4. Third-party vendors will be selected at the discretion of the organizer and may include partners, sponsors, or suppliers.
  5. The organizer and third-party vendors will handle member details in accordance with applicable data protection and privacy laws.
  6. Member details will not be sold or shared with any other parties not associated with this promotion, except as required by law.
  7. By providing your consent for sharing member details, you acknowledge that the privacy practices of third-party vendors may differ from those of the organizer, and you release the organizer from any liability arising from the use or disclosure of your member details by such vendors.
  8. The organizer will make reasonable efforts to ensure the security and confidentiality of member details shared with third-party vendors. However, the organizer shall not be liable for any unauthorized access, use, or disclosure of member details by the vendors.
  9. You have the right to withdraw your consent for sharing member details at any time. However, withdrawal of consent may result in your ineligibility for the prizes associated with this promotion.
  10. The organizer reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate this sharing arrangement with third-party vendors at any time without prior notice.
  11. This promotion is subject to all applicable laws and regulations and is void where prohibited.


III. Cancellation Policy for Booked Classes

You are able to cancel your class booking without any charges or loss of classes from your Class Pack up until twelve (12) hours prior to class commencement time for all classes. Should you not cancel class before this time, or simply not show up for the class, you will incur a late cancellation charge of one class credit if you’re on a regular Class Pack or Single Class purchase; or a late cancellation/no show fee of $20 if you’re on the Membership.

Cancellations can be made through the STRONG App, Live Chat, at our Front Desk in person or by contacting the respective studio.

  1. Late Coming and Early Departure

If you are running late for your booked class, we ask that you call the studio to let us know you are on the way. The front desk will hold a booking only until the class begins.

If it’s a busy period and the class is waitlisted, our staff will have the right to give your bed to walk-ins that have made it to class on time. This can and will be done at their complete discretion. To avoid disruptions and any compromise to your safety, clients who are late will not be admitted to class. Attendees are strongly discouraged from leaving the studio before the end of class, unless in an emergency. Attendees’ re-entry to class when deemed unsafe or disruptive will be at the discretion of the instructor. If an early departure is made by choice, your class credit will not be returned. 

  1. Class Packs and Membership

Purchases of Class Packs or membership can be made online on the STRONG Website or through the STRONG App. Alternatively, payments can be made in studio as well. We accept payments via Visa and MasterCard if you make your purchase through the STRONG Website or App. We accept payments via contactless payment and Visa or MasterCard Credit Cards if you make your purchase in studio. Your Class Pack and membership will initiate on the date of purchase. You can view all STRONG class prices and membership prices on the STRONG App or STRONG Website.

You cannot gift your classes, redeem them for cash, or onsell them outside of STRONG Singapore. Any classes or membership packages that have been purchased anywhere other than STRONG will not be honoured.


The following terms apply if you have selected a direct debit membership package:

Your membership will commence on the purchase date and continue for the minimum term specified. At the end of the minimum term, your membership will automatically renew on a weekly basis if you are on a week-to-week membership package, or monthly if you are on a fixed-term or month-to-month membership package.

If you do not want your membership to renew, you will need to submit a 21-day written notice to [email protected]. Cancellations will be made at the end of the weekly billing cycle, memberships will not be pro-rated. 

You can suspend your membership up to 2 times per 12 months of membership, with a minimum pause of 1 week, and a maximum pause of 4 weeks; additional suspensions will be at a $20 suspension fee per week.

All membership fees are paid in advance. Payment of the membership fee is by direct debit. You warrant that you will always have sufficient funds in your bank account to cover the membership fee, and breach of this warranty may result in us terminating your membership and all rejections of credit card will be charged to the client.

Class Packs:

STRONG has a variety of class packs to choose from.

Intro to STRONG- This class package entitles you to one STRONG Pilates class & has a 1 week validity.

The STRONG Experience – valid for 5 days from day of purchase. This class package entitles you to unlimited STRONG Pilates classes during the 5-day trial.

5 Class Pack – this class pack entitles you to 5 STRONG Pilates classes & has a 1 month validity from the date of purchase.

10 Class Pack – this class pack entitles you to 10 STRONG Pilates classes & has a 3 month validity from the date of purchase.

20 Class Pack – this class pack entitles you to 20 STRONG Pilates classes & has a 6 month validity from the date of purchase.

Future class prices are subject to change, however, STRONG will honour your class or series of classes until the expiration date and no longer.

Classes do expire. The expiration dates of your Class Packs can be found on our website as well as on the App. These validities vary based on Class Pack sizes. Promotional Class Packs may also carry different validity periods. Once a class pack expires it will no longer be available for use and there will be no refund options available.

Terms and conditions may vary for limited edition promotional packs. Please refer to your purchase screen for specific details relating to special pack promotions.

Should there be special circumstances regarding your ability to complete your package, refer to clause VI.

All purchases are final and non-refundable.

VII. Retail and Merchandise

All retail and merchandise sales are non-refundable at STRONG. All merchandise, with the exception of sale items (if any), may be exchanged within seven (7) days of the initial purchase date, as long as the product is unused and unsoiled, with all tagging still intact.

STRONG will occasionally, at its own discretion, conduct sales on STRONG Merchandise and other products. All sales on discounted product are final.

VIII. Lost or Damaged Personal Property

Each STRONG studio provides lockers to house your personal goods when class is in session. STRONG also maintains CCTV at all studio common areas. Regardless of care taken to avoid loss, STRONG is not liable or responsible for any damage, theft, loss, or destruction of personal property within the STRONG Studios.

  1. Waiver and Release

By signing up for and/or attending classes, events, activities, and other programs and using the premises, facilities and equipment (individually and/or collectively, the “Classes and Facilities”) of STRONG, you hereby acknowledge on behalf of yourself, your heirs, personal representatives and/or assigns, that there are certain inherent risks and dangers in training at STRONG. You acknowledge that some of these risks cannot be eliminated regardless of the care taken to avoid injuries and that STRONG and the STRONG Team will not be liable for any injury or damage should you choose to participate.

You agree to not hold STRONG Pilates, its instructors, members and employees from any responsibility for any injury that may occur during a STRONG Pilates class and from any cost or damages that you may incur.

If in the subjective opinion of the STRONG staff, you and/or others would be at physical risk using STRONG’s Classes and Facilities, you may be denied access to the Classes and Facilities.

  1. Dispute Resolution

At STRONG, we do our best to make sure you have a great experience every time. Whenever someone purchases a STRONG class pack, we feel indebted to that individual by way of excellent service. We do acknowledge that from time to time, our expectations don’t align. Should this happen, we hope you will give us the opportunity to try to address any challenge you may be facing at STRONG. To do that, please e-mail us at [email protected] or write to us at Down for More PTE LTD, 1A Lor Telok, #02-01, Singapore 049014. Attention: THE STRONG HUMANS. Please include: (1) your name, (2) your address, (3) a description of your concerns, and (4) a description of the specific relief you seek.

  1. Links and Third Party Sites

STRONG has not reviewed all the sites linked to the Website and/or App, and is not responsible for the content or any off-site pages or other linked sites. Although a third-party website and/or app may contain the STRONG logo, please understand that it is independent from STRONG, and that STRONG has no control over the content of that website and/or app. Going to third party or off-site websites from the Website and/or App is at your own risk. These links do not imply endorsement of, sponsorship of, or affiliation with STRONG.

XII. Intellectual Property Rights

The trademarks of STRONG are proprietary to STRONG and may not be used by you for any reasons other than as expressly permitted by these Terms. All Website and App content, design, text, graphics, and interfaces; the collection, selection, and arrangement thereof; and all software are property of, or duly licensed to, STRONG. You have the right to view, electronically copy, and print in hard copy portions of the Website and App for the sole purpose of making class reservations, purchases, or other personal use.

Any other use of materials on the Website and App, including modification, distribution, or reproduction for purposes other than those noted above, without the prior written permission of STRONG, is strictly prohibited.

You acknowledge that STRONG and/or third-party content providers remain the owners of all Website and App materials, and that you do not acquire any of those ownership rights by downloading, copying, or using any such material in accordance with these Terms.

STRONG may discontinue or remove the Website or App, or any portion thereof, or discontinue your right to use the Website or App, or any portion thereof, at any time.

XIII. Use of the Site and Studios by Minors

The minimum age for attending a STRONG Pilates class is 16. Any person aged between 16 and 18 may only participate with their parent or guardian present. STRONG will not be liable for any misuse of the STRONG Website or the STRONG App.

XIV. Warranty Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

In no event will STRONG be liable for any direct, indirect, special, or other consequential damages resulting from your use of the Website, the App, or on any other linked/third-party website, your purchase of STRONG classes, your booking of classes, your purchase of merchandise, your communication with STRONG, and your use of and attendance at STRONG’s studios, including without limitation, any lost profits, business interruption, loss of programs, or other data on your information handling systems or otherwise, including any claims waived by you previously in this agreement even if STRONG expressly advised of the possibility of such damage.

All information, goods, services, products and experiences are provided by STRONG on an “as-is” basis only. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the goods, services, products and experiences remains with you. Should the goods, services, products and/or experiences prove defective after purchase, you assume the entire cost of such defect. STRONG provides no representations and warranties, express or implied, including the implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose, merchantability, and non-infringement.

By agreeing to the terms and conditions, you are consenting to the use of your images in marketing and promotional materials.

  1. Choice of Law

The Terms are governed by the laws of Singapore.

XVI. Contact Us

If you have any questions about these Terms, you can reach us at [email protected]

All terms and conditions are subject to change.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,